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How it began...

Amy Devine Jewellery was inspired by the jewellery and gemstones I came across whilst travelling in 2016. Once home, I set about learning traditional silversmithing techniques to make a similar kind of bohemian jewellery for myself.

I started my business in 2020 to share my love of jewellery with the world. Originally called Devine Silver, I rebranded to Amy Devine Jewellery in 2024. Over the years my designs have evolved as my skills have developed, most notably the use of solid gold in my work, so I decided to rebrand to a name that is more inclusive of all my creations.

About me...

I’m Amy Devine, a designer and metalsmith working from my home studio in Bristol, UK.

I am captivated by gemstones, especially sapphires and opals - or anything blue and green!

I have collected many gemstones on my travels, and love to bring them to life in unique pieces of jewellery, before sending them on their way to a new chapter in life.


I use 100% recycled silver and gold in all of my jewellery, and only work with precious metals. All of the gold you see in my jewellery is solid gold. This is to ensure all of my work is of high quality and made to last.